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Dye, Repair, Refinish Leather Sofas

Restore the Beauty of Your Leather Sofa ...
... for a Fraction of the Cost of New!   
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Leather damage can be repaired. Rips, stains, puncture marks, scratches, cracking, burns and general wear and tear can be repaired
almost invisibly using the latest restoration methods.

Leather is the luxury line of furniture.  It requires a professional to maintain its suppleness. This include cleaning,rejuvenating the
moisture and fat liquors that have evaporated, and applying the proper protection. Because leather is SKIN,  it will eventually dry &
cracked if not moisturized regularly. Usually, leathers that have cracked or peeled is
not from use, but from body oils and perspiration that have settled down into the grain of the leather and started to
dissolve the finish over timeProperly maintained leather will prevent crackings & last for years.

Having worn, faded, ripped leather? Our goal is to restore the soft and supple feel of your once impeccable leather. We always aim to
return your skin to its original texture, color and feel as much as possible.
How to dye recolor faded bleached leather

  • Repair Scratches, Tears, Holes...
  • Restore Dry, Cracked, Faded Leather
  • ReDye, ReColor, Refinish Leather

How do I get a Free Consultation?

  1. Fill out the Estimate Request Form HERE
  2. Email us a digital picture of the "problem areas" to give
    us an idea about how best to repair it, and we can prepare  
    preliminary quote based on the pictures.
Leather is tanned to last a long time . It will age graciously and will develop it’s own unique character lines. Each piece of leather varies in grain, texture,
slight color variations and natural markings like pores & wrinkles. These are not flaws but unique character marks of all fine leathers.  Do not "spot" clean
leather.  Always clean seam to seam, edge to edge to avoid "rings" when it dries.

After Leather Recoloring, allow project to remain untouched for at least 48 hours, as dye will be fragile.  This curing time is important, as it allows the new dye
to bond and conform to all the fibers and pores of the hide to become permanent (rather than sit on top).

It is impossible for any dye or color coat to soak completely through the leather (except during the original tanning process). All types of leather color coats
and dyes, after it has been originally dyed, will only coat the surface. During the course of usage, normal wear & tear, peelings would still occur.

Most Common Leather Furniture Problems:
Dull, Worn, Cracked, Sun Fadings:
    Sun, heat, AC will gradually draw the oils and moisture out of your leather causing fading and crackings. Unfinished, Analine leathers can fade to a
    color dramatically lighter than that of the original color.
Scratches, Holes, Pet Claw Damages:
    Chewed leather, cat or dog claw marks, discoloration, or general wear-and-tear can be professionally repaired.
Stains, Body Oil Accumulation:
    Oil accumulation in leather is usually seen on arm-rest, head-rest, or seat cushions.  Once they build up, they tend to clog pores, and as the leather
    flexes, these travel down the pores causing premature breakdown of leather.
Restore Faded, grimmy Leather Sofa Clean, recolor stained, faded leather seat
Repair Dog Cat Scratch on Leather Sofa
Recolor, repair hole on leather seat
leather rip, tear repair
Repair hole on dry, cracked leather armest
How to Repair Leather Dog Chew Holes Tears