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leather suede jacket cleaners
As Certified Leather Restoration
Specialist, We:
  • Clean leather jackets, coats
  • Clean leather bags, purses
  • Clean leather sofa & chairs
  • Restore original color with
    leather dye or pigment refinish
  • Remove oily stains, ink stains
  • Condition dry, cracked leather

Leather and Suede is exotic. Its unique look & comfort feel makes leather your
favorite things to wear. But leather is very picky to be maintained.  Leather jackets
lose color easily, especially suede.  It's not uncommon you see drastic fadings,
discoloration, stains on your favorite jackets.  You love to wear your garments,
but it looks ... embarsassing!

We'll clean, repair, refinish, dye jackets as needed so you can proudly wear it
Request FREE Estimate HERE.  (408) 910-6695.

Professional Leather Jacket cleaning requires years of experience, patience and
skilsl. Cleaning techniques vary depending on the type of leather, extent of soils
& stains, constructions of design.  Majority of leather cleaning would require
some color enhancement afterwards.  Color matching is complex, but it is a
required skill for successful cleaning & restoration.

How to Clean Leather Jacket?

how to clean leather jackets
Leather adjusts to your body temperature,
and because it is a "skin", it pores absorb
and release approximately 30% of its
weight in moisture. This lost moisture
needs to be replenished or your leather
will eventually dry out & show crackings.

Leather has natural oils, these oils can
be removed in cleaning, the final part of
the cleaning process replaces the lost
oils, so that the garment returns to its
original state

To Clean or Restore your Leather Jackets, Coats
How much does it cost to Clean or Repair Leather Jackets, Coats?
It is typical several hours can be spent on cleaning & restore a single garment to get it “just right”.  Your
garments are gently cleaned and dried. Afterwards oils , which are depleted from the skin in the normal
course of cleaning, are replenished. Fluffing and buffing may be applied to restore the soft and supple
feel of the garment.  Color touch up or full color restoration is then applied to revitalize your jackets.  This
is where our work stands apart from others. Our promise is to return your skin as close to its original
texture and color as humanly possible.

For an estimate, email a photo of your garments  to, or Request
Free Estimate HERE. We will  give you our opinions based on the picture. A confirmed price will be
offered after we receive & inspect your bags in person.  No work will be done until we get your approval.

Price varies depending on the leather type, size, complexity of the design and difficulty of color matching.
Clean Leather & Suede:
  • Regular jacket under 30" length: $40-$50
  • 3/4 Garment 30"-36": $50-$60
  • Full Coat, knee length: $60-$80
  • Pants, Skirts: $40
Repair, Dye, Recolor Leather & Suede:
  • Tears, Holes, Rips: $30-$50
  • Color Refinish: $50-$80
Leather Garment Alterations:
  • New Zipper for Jackets: $40-$50
  • New Zipper for Pants/Skirts $30-$40
  • Shorten Sleeve: $30-$40
  • Shorten Pants: $20
  • New Lining for regular jacket: $50-$80
  • Zipper Head Replace $10
Leather is the skin of the animal. The
skins are washed in water, tanned
and stretched before being pared
and for this reason color variation &
shrinkage will occur eventually.

All garments have multiple panels
making up the item. Each panel in a
leather garment has come from a
different part of different animal.
Because of that, it is natural that
there will be some slight texture and
color variation.
Sun Fading is one of the most
common problem on leather jacket.  
We can enhance these color loss
and cover up all the scuff, scratches
around the zipper area, pockets, and

Leather is stretchy. So your garment
tends to conform comfortably to your
body when wearing. After cleaning,
the garment may feel a little snug but
after wearing this feeling will
dye fading stained leather jackets
clean condition dye stained, greasy leather jackets
leather jacket dying recolor

Leather Jackets Cleaning
Dye, Color Restoration

Suede feels velvety, luxurious
when new.  Suede could be a
nightmare to maintain!  It absorbs
stains, liquid quickly, fades or
loses color drastically.

After cleaning Suede, it almost
guarantees that dye refinish is
needed to even out the tone and
revitalize the color.

How To Clean Suede?

Common Problems and Solutions with Leather Garments:
Stains in Leather

    Body oils, perspiration, grease, spills on leather can be cleaned. A badly stained leather garment can be saved by
    Cleaning AND Recoloring.

    Most manufacturers recommend that leather garments be cleaned by professional leather cleaning methods. This
    ensures that the stain will be treated properly, and that the suppleness, color and finish of the garment are maintained
    or restored.

Leather Wrinkles
    Skins taken from the loose neck or belly portions of the animal are naturally wrinkled. During manufacturing the skins
    are stretched for a smooth appearance. As the skins relax with age and cleaning, the wrinkles may reappear.  If you
    have serious wrinkles, most likely, your leather has experienced some contact with water and shrink!  Since leather is
    stretched to make new garments, these wrinkles is best pressed out by a professional.
    Drop the wrinkled garments at our cleaners: 5837 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124 and request PRESS ONLY or

Ink on Leather
    Ball point pen ink can not be removed from painted finishes without removing the surface paint as well.  The solution is:
    to remove the ink marks, then redye or recolor the affected area after ink removal.

Color Loss
    Dyes can oxidize from exposure to UV light and gases in the atmosphere. This is a slow progressive condition that
    develops with age. It may become more noticeable after cleaning.  If Dye has been lost significantly or you experience
    uneven, blotchy light/dark color, we can reDye your leather jacket for a newer, fresh look.

Adhesive Residue
    You casually slap an adhesive-backed name badge on your leather coat or jacket. When trying to remove it, that area of
    my coat lost its finish.  Sound familiar?!This is a problem that we see frequently.  Send the garment to us and we will
    remove the adhesive and lightly refinish the blemished area.

    Some suede has seams that are glued together, lapels, pocket flaps etc.  This glue can migrate through suede and
    show as dark marks on the surface of the suede. It is very hard to remove!  

Thin Skin
    Some skins are extremely thin due to overstreching in the tanning process (to yield more squarefootage of the skin).  
    These skins will wear exceptionally fast and cleaning will further aggravate the damage of thin skins. Rips, tears,
    troubled wrinkles can occur, these are almost impossible to repair because the leather is overstreched too thin.

    When cleaning . moisture is added to leather, it can distort its shape and/or shrink. This is especially true when lesser
    quality leathers are used in manufacturing in order to meet acceptable pricing in the marketplace.

Imperfections of Leather like Scars & Tissues
    The manufacturer use artificial "fillers" to cover up imperfections in the skins, like scars & vein marks. Hides are then
    batch dyed before being made up into a garment ensuring uniformity of color on the finished garments .These
    imperfections may become more apparent over time or after cleaning as the filer compound gets thinner or even
    washed away.  We can touch up the affected areas with matching color but there's not much to do hide these original
    scars and tissues.  These are ... natural. Remember "leather is a ... SKIN", veins, marks, scars is somewhat expected.
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