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How to Clean Blinds? Blind Cleaners: Mini, Wood, Vertical, Venetian

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Picture talks louder than words.  Cooking grease and construction dust has left its ugly marks on this
mini blind (above).

Hopefully your blinds are not this filthy (!)  But this is a proof of what we mean by:
"Making your blinds
look like new again
"  The blinds were cleaned onsite right where they hang with our specialty
equipment.  Trust our years of blind cleaning expertise, No Mess, just sparkly cleaned blinds!!!

We take pride in what we do and happy to return your window coverings & home to cleaned, healthy
conditions.  Get rid of that embarrassing eyesores and feel good about your home again.

If that cake of dust, layers of lint, ugly stains have bothered you, don't delay the cleaning any more. For
people with allergy, asthma, babies... a clean air, healthy environment is critical to your health.  Why

Fill out the Estimate Request Form HERE, or Call 888-808-6772.  We are the few dinosaurs who
still provide
Free Estimate with a Smile ! :-)

Did you know that your blinds act as filters on your windows? Catching all types of outdoor contaminants
such as road grime, dust, mould spores and smoke? Your window coverings also trap indoor pollutants
such as cooking odours and grease, nicotine and bacteria from colds and flu viruse
s.   In addition to
unhealthy breathing issues & allergy, dirty windows are just plain ... eye sores to look at!!!
To Clean Blinds, there are 3 Options for you to choose from:
1/ On-Site Service, there are 2 main methods to clean your blinds. We will determine which is the best
method to use , depending on the type of blinds and its conditions.  Either way: No loss of privacy, No
Mess, your Blinds are Cleaned to Perfection, SAME DAY

    1/ Blinds Sprayer & Scrubber is used to evenly spray the blind cleaning solution while slightly
    scrub the slats & the cords. The blinds are cleaned on the windows where they are hang.  With
    our years of blinds cleaning expertise, there are No Mess, Only cleaned blinds in the end.
  • This Sprayer effectively loosen up your layers of grimes & dust so we can wipe off the
  • The blind cleaning solution is sprayed on BOTH sides (front & back) of the blinds to ensure
    every corner of the blind is covered.  
  • Water Misting is introduced at the end to rinse out contaminants.
  • Finally, we dry off the slats with a clean towel. Voila.  Enjoy your sparkly cleaned blinds

    2/  Ultrasonic Cleaning.
    Our trucks is equipped with an 8ft stainless steel tank, transducers and ultrasonic
    generators.  We remove the blinds and take them to our truck for cleaning. Once cleaned to
    perfection, the blinds are dried and re-hung on the same window within a few hours.  Ultrasonic
    cleaning is more suited for greasy mini blinds, faux wood blinds.  Or blinds in commercial
    establishments with lots of space for equipment set up.  It also requires direct water & electricity
    hook up from an outdoor source to our ultrasonic tank.

    We DO NOT recommend ultrasonic cleaning on Fabric Shades like Silhouette, Duette,
    Honeycomb, Roman Shades.   These types of shades are best cleaned with the
    Injection/Extraction method.  It's cleaner & much more gentle, safer on the shades.

    To learn more about Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning, click Here.

2/ Drop-Off Service is available for customers who want to remove the blinds from the window
temporarily for remodelling or painting
    Drop off your blinds at our plant  5837 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124 (next to ARCO
    gas station)
    Please call (408) 910-6695  prior to drop-off.

3/ Shipping Service
Shipping is recommended for customers outside of the Bay Area, CA.
Click HERE to order your Free Shipping KiT

Life is too short to clean ....your own blinds!!! Try to clean blinds yourself.
You'll appreciate our professional work much more afterward.
Leave the Dirty work to the Expert Blind Cleaners and do what you do best!

How to Clean Blinds by Yourself:

if your blinds are lightly dusty, you can dust it off with a duster and wipe off every single slat with mild
soap and a damp towel.  If your blinds are medium to heavily soiled, Cleaners To Your Door is the best
professionals to eliminate dust, grime, smoke.  If you ever try to clean blinds yourself, you'll notice these
slats are scraped easily if not done properly. Most often, you simply smear dirt from side-to-side, which
builds static electricity and attracts more dirt in the long run.

Do not clean your blinds in the bath tub!
You'll have hours of panic as your blinds are only partially
cleaned but your tub has deep scratches caused by the sharp edge of the metal blinds.

It may take you several hours to clean one dirty blind using home method and it only gets partially
cleaned anyway.  Leave the hard work to the pros and enjoy doing what you are best at.  
For your
Free Estimate,
Fill out the Estimate Request Form HERE. or, Call (408) 910-6695.

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